About Us

Founded in 1997, The Coffee Cup Company was the first online shop devoted to novelty cups and mugs. Mugs make great gifts, and The Coffee Cup Company aims to be a one-stop shop for holiday and birthday gift giving. The shop offers mugs with vintage designs, TV and cartoon characters, top rock 'n' roll bands, and much more. The stock rotates often to keep up with current trends, keeping shoppers coming back for more.

Company History

Sheldon Myers and Anne Curley met in 1993 at a coffee lovers convention in Topeka, Kansas. They didn't just share a love for coffee, but for coffee mugs. They both had extensive mug collections and enjoyed giving unique mugs as gifts to friends.

In the early days of the Internet, there was no quick and easy place to buy trendy and unique coffee mugs. Myers and Curley saw this need in the marketplace and worked quickly to build an e-commerce site that would appeal to coffee cup loves like themselves. They started with ten different mugs featuring popular cartoon characters, saw their hard work pay off, and moved on to a much larger selection.

Today, Myers and Curley still hand select the mug designs they offer, and have fun changing the selections frequently to keep the shop current and exciting. They frequently give lectures and workshops throughout the Midwest on coffee mug collecting, and were recently honored by the Mug Collectors Guild.

sheldonSheldon Myers

curleyAnne Curley