treatments and services


women massgeDeep Tissue Massage
(60 minute-$70; 30 minute $40)

This intense releases stimulates the blood flow all over the body and relieves knotted muscles. Best for
those with muscle tightness or tension.

Hot Stone Massage

(60 minute-$100; 30 minute $55)

Uses heated basalt stones to soothe and relax the body. The heat from the stones helps tight muscles to release.

Pre-Natal Massage

(60 minute-$70; 30 minute $40)

A pregnancy massage is the fastest-growing type of massage in the U.S. This therapeutic and very gentle bodywork focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the changes of the childbirth experience. We have special pregnancy massage tables for mommies-to-be.

men massge
Shiatsu Massage

(60 minute-$75; 30 minute $50)

A massage that releases toxins from the body, a Shiatsu massage uses finger tapping and is founded on the Chinese Meriden

Sport Massage

(60 minute-$85; 30 minute $50)

A special massage used to alleviate the tension that accumulates during physical activity. This massage is beneficial for the reduction of muscle tension and for improving circulation.