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Don’t be fooled by what you learned in school–England isn’t just about Romeo and Juliet, dry lists of names in history books, and musty castles. Today’s traveler will find England to be a charming, fascinating destination, full of picturesque towns, trendy clubs, and, of course, plenty of history. And, if that wasn’t enough, English cuisine is undergoing a revival–London boasts an array of chic new restaurants.

The most famous of all picturesque English villages is Stratford-upon-Avon; the home of William Shakespeare. However, there are many other English villages well worth the traveler’s time.

The town of Bath, well-known to Jane Austen fans, boasts unique architecture and a relaxing atmosphere. Fond of the tales of Robin Hood? Then visit Nottinghamshire, where the famous tales of derring-do were set.

For travelers not so enamored of quaint villages, the wonderful capital city of London has everything a modern traveler could want – grand museums, impressive theatre, old-fashioned pubs, and plenty of exciting clubs. London has many historical landmarks such as the Tower of London, the reconstructed Globe Theater, and Buckingham Palace – and, of course, if you get tired of walking, take a break to admire the famous Crown Jewels!



Many shows first debut in London before they come to Broadway. Here is a list of theatrical productions in the UK. The list is frequently updated.
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Night Life

Here is a frequently updated list of clubs, music venues, and bars in London.



Of course, no trip to England would be complete without learning of some of the history behind the country; consider visiting any of the stately old castles or manors. Castles of Britain lists some British castles that may be of interest to you.


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