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About Our Salon

Is there a real Beatrice behind the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon?

Yes! In 2003, native New Yorker Beatrice Odessa was seeking a career change. Growing weary from working long hours as a pharmaceutical consultant and medical sales representative, she decided to tap into her strong interest in the spa and beauty world. The daughter of a chemist and a cosmetics saleswoman, Beatrice was already familiar with the enchanting world of beauty.

[ Beatrice wanted to create an ideal spa experience for the people she met on her beauty journey around the globe. ]

Encouraged by her friends and family, Beatrice quit her job and traveled the world from Europe to the Middle East to Australia, learning about new body treatments and asking women and men of all ages what they looked for in a luxury spa. Truly listening to what people said about body treatments, and taking their words into consideration, Beatrice knew that opening a spa was indeed her life's mission.

Beatrice OdessaAlways a people-person and always looking for ways to make others feel good both on the inside and the outside, Beatrice wanted to create an ideal spa experience for the people she met on her beauty journey around the globe. Along the way, she became a licensed esthetician and massage therapist.

When the opportunity came to invest in a spa on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Beatrice decided to follow her dreams and open up a day spa in New York where the everyday hard-working woman can relax, unwind, and escape from the pressures of the daily grind which Beatrice knew all too well.

Working with a team of positive investors who believed in Beatrice and her mission to open a spa, the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon officially opened its doors in September 2005.

Since its inception, clients from all over the world have come in for treatments and leave very satisfied. Beatrice is very proud to say that word-of-mouth is the most common way her clients find their way to the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon. No client is treated better than anotherÑeveryone who comes in, whether it's for just a pedicure or an entire spa experience is treated with respect and given the best, most personalized treatment.

Currently, there is just one Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon, located in New York City. Encouraged by her clients, Beatrice plans to open other locations in Greenwich, CT and Miami, FL within the next two years.

Our Staff

Beatrice Odessa is well aware of the importance of having a friendly, knowledgeable staff at the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon. Beatrice worked as an executive account manager for over ten years in New York and Atlanta. In that time, she learned the importance of people skills and strong communication. Before opening her spa, she also learned what clients wanted and didn't want, from a whole spa experience.

basketBeatrice and her staff have an utmost commitment to their client and will work with you to best accommodate you when you visit the spa.

Every staff member at Beatrice Spa and Beauty Salon is an expert in their respected field of beauty. Most of them have been personally recruited by Beatrice to work at the spa. It's important for Beatrice that her staffers feel like family and treat each and every client like family. Clients who have to work with a different staffer due to schedule commitments, have complete trust in Beatrice that any staffer they work with will meet their needs.

Beatrice prides herself on hiring the best of the best when it comes to her employees. The
best compliment she ever received was from a female client who told Beatrice that she
frequented spas all over the world, but only the staff at Beatrice makes her "feel right at

Beatrice and her staff also only use to highest-quality spa and beauty products that are not
tested on animals and can be used on all sorts of sensitive skin.

When your birthday rolls around, you'll receive a special gift from our staff as a thank
you for stopping into the Beatrice Spa and Beauty Spa.